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Red South West (1998-1999)

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Red South West magazine

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The first edition of Red South West magazine came out in June 1998. This was essentially the merger of two core components. Firstly, the Somerset Socialist (formerly Somerset Clarion) magazine produced by the Somerset Community Defence Campaign which was formed in 1985 out of work around the miners strike. Secondly, it also superceded Red Rag produced by the Exeter Left group. There had long been collaboration between activists in Exeter and the Somerset comraes based in Bridgwater. In particular there was close collaboration on anti-fascist work and also on the anti-poll tax cmapigns as well as occasional regional socialist conferences. The links also extended to anti-fascists and anarchists based in Plymouth and to activists involved in the the Bristol Marxist Discussion Group and the associated Revolutionary Socialist Network which held a conferene in Bridgwater in 1998.

Red South West

Red South West No.1 June 1998
Red South West No.2 Autumn 1998
Red South West No.3 Winter 1998/99
Red South West No.4 Autumn 1999

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